Long Term Sun Damage

Mr Banwell recommends wearing an SPF every day of the year (even when it is cloudy or rainy!). Call 0845 2600 261 for more information on Heliocare, Rationale and Skinceuticals sun cream.


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Pretty Employment

Mr Banwell notes the following article by ASAPS in the United States on growing plastic surgery in female professionals.

Young women contemplate plastic surgery to keep their edge in the corporate world – ASAPS

“It is still a corporate “no-no”, or at least politically incorrect, to openly acknowledge the role that beauty plays in the work situation. In the ‘70s, height of women’s lib, women fought to take the focus away from their looks and on to

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Mr Banwell talks Sun Protection with Bright FM


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Watchdog bans another Groupon ad

Mr Banwell notes the latest Groupon ad for a prescription wrinkle relaxing product.

Click here to read more… http://money-news.money.aol.co.uk/article/2012/03/14/watchdog_bans_another_groupon_ad

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Skin Cancer Awareness in the Argus

Mr Banwell holds clinics in Southeast England at 6 locations; to book your mole check please call 0845 2600 261.